Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Transfers and Paying for Your Budget Spa Deal- an inclusive spa package

2018 prices are Double Occupancy: $1425  Single $1609  plus transfers added later.  If you are a return guest with our group, we reduce your trip by $35 per person per week. 

$300 deposit due on booking and refundable until 6 weeks before departures, when there is a penalty of $75 plus any other hotel expenses incurred.  Balance due 30 days before departure. Your transfer amount will be emailed to you as soon as we know the number on your flights. Most years the round trip transfers fall $85-97.

Transfers from the Mexico City Airport are with clearly marked hotel owned vans.  We share the vans and divide the cost. If you arrive by 3PM  and depart no earlier than 1:30PM, you will likely get a shared price on your transfer.  Transfers are non refundable. If your transfers are before a 1:30PM flight or pre 8AM you pay a private transfer plus an early AM surcharge. Show us your unbooked flight and we will try hard to include you. If you are being picked up at a hotel in Mexico City, there is a small surcharge.A change of your flight can result in a second transfer charge. Again we try to be flexible.

If you cannot meet these transfer times, consider staying at the Mexico City Airport Courtyard by Marriott connected to Terminal 1. We will let you know if others are there and you will be in the first transfer.

Send us flights as soon as booked. If more people book, we refund you and, if any cancel, we bill again -only if necessary. It is all done on a friendly fair basis. Some of you might need to wait in the airport, but it is clean, safe and there are many amenities including WIFI. 

To book your stay,
Write your checks to:
ECPS Consulting Corporation
(Phyllis Stoller's company- do not write the check to Phyllis Stoller)
You will receive an e receipt. Before the trip you will get a list of all women, all flights, helpful hints and more about the resort.

ECPS Consulting Corporation
Phyllis Stoller
116 East 63 Street  Suite 4A  New York 10065
646 309 5607 cell