Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Ixtapan Spa and Other Travel Discounts with The Women's Travel Group

This section was updated in April 2018. There are 4 posts in this blog to read before you book this trip.
Ixtapan Spa and Other Group Travel Discounts 

While the resort is being renovated, there are few rooms available. There is no disruption at the hotel and you will love your stay as usual. 

Casitas or small villas on site are available, as are luxury condos nearby. For those who do not like to walk stairs, the hotel has provided drivers to take you wherever you want immediately. The 3 bedroom luxury condos have a concierge and overlook an elite private golf course and private pool. Drivers are at your disposal all the time.

Early booking is crucial this year. 

Next trip July 25-August 1 2018 in cool summer weather-- 5400 ft. altitude, add a second week in Oaxaca, Mexico.  Look at our site for more dates:

We offer shared lower transfers, a fiesta party, and you are booking with professional tour operators.  Moreover, Phyllis Stoller is the US rep of the resort with an inside track.  Our Summer trip continues optionally to Oaxaca. Our Winter trips often have a pre-tour in Mexico City. Please read all the posts on this blog for full details.

We also invite you to join The Women’s Travel Group on our other trips    We are an award winning tour operator for women's small group tours.  Phyllis's bio is here on LinkedIn and

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