Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Spa and Other Travel Discounts with The Women's Travel Group:

www.thewomenstravelgroup.comIxtapan Spa and Other Group Travel Discounts with The Women's Travel Group
Our group is an award winning tour operator for women's small group tours. Phyllis Stoller heads the group and is also the marketing and public relations representative of Ixtapan Spa. Her bio is here on LinkedIn and

For 2018 February groups, we have a return guest (with us) discount of $35 per person per week. 

Benefits of coming with us are lower transfer costs, private party, insider hints, and you are going with the marketing executive of the resort.  We also arrange a special pre spa trip each year so we can visit important places near the spa. Please read all the posts on this blog for full details.

We also invite you to join The Women’s Travel Group on many of our other trips  Smart tours for women since 1992. Winner of many awards with personalized service and guaranteed new friends.